Coming soon…

Just a teaser page of some of the cards that I have completed, some that I’m working on and some that have been suggested and are still being considered. I’ll update this occasionally as things progress.

Please feel free to add onto the list or argue against (or for) any of the ones in process. Comment below!

finished and waiting to be posted…

  • Ada Lovelace
  • James Clerk Maxwell
  • Nikola Tesla

and dozens more. These are just the next ones I’m thinking of adding to the site.

In the works…

  • Lasers
  • National Geographic
  • CERN
  • JPL


Suggested and Under consideration

  • The Space Shuttle Challenger

I want this one in here, but it’s been a tough one to write… and to get a picture I feel comfortable with.


Your thoughts and feedback are always appreciated.