About HubbleGum Cards

It’s about Science!

Kids and adults can learn minute details about sports legends and share their passion for sports from sports cards. With all due respect to sports fans, I think science has a much greater effect on our everyday lives! I want people to learn about SCIENCE!


…a friend of mine posted a quote from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on Facebook. The quote was Lucy talking to Schroeder and saying, “How can you say someone is great who’s never had his picture on bubblegum cards?” With my mouse cursor resting over bottom of the first “b” in “bubblegum” it looked like an “h”, so I read it as “hubblegum cards…”

The FB post that made me start thinking about HubbleGum Cards: "How can you say someone is great who's never had his picture on bubble gum cards?"
The FB post that started it all!

The wheels started turning and the idea for HubbleGum Cards was born.

It has been a long journey from there.

So… What are HubbleGum Cards?

Well, simply put, I’m creating HubbleGum Cards as “The Official Trading Cards of Science!™”

As I said, it struck me that kids (and adults) can memorize so many bare bones and boring stats from sports cards, so why not make something similar that they can use to learn about science. Not just scientists but about scientific inventions, achievements, discoveries, organizations, events, and places!

Now, I’m not a scientist or science historian. I’m just someone who happens to have a fascination with learning. And I’ve learned a TON so far!!

Not just about science and scientists! I’ve learned about researching the topics, and designing the cards, and all the mechanics that go into making these cards. And I’ve also been learning about UPC codes, and marketing to museums, and a host of other things that will be necessary to get these cards successfully to market!

I’ve also learned that this is WAY too big a project for me to do by myself! Which is why I’m inviting the internet to help me!

Your assistance, please!

I know it won’t be a problem finding people to critique everything that I’ve done so far. 😛 But that’s actually a part of what I’m looking for.

Having a community behind you is like having a bunch of hardworking free researchers, copywriters, and editors (with a sprinkling of trolls, I’m sure) who will combine to know something about everything.

What I’m also hoping for is suggestions on who or what to feature in the first set, what types of things you’d like to see after the first set has been released. I’ll also be looking for suggestions on how to make the site and cards better. Pretty much any reasonable suggestion will be entertained.

I am fully aware of the consequences of asking the internet for suggestions, so I will take this opportunity to say that I get the final say on lot of things! I’m certainly open to humor, but at this point I don’t think I want the first set to include Boaty McBoatface! However, I just might be convinced! Maybe I’ll just substitute David Attenborough instead!

The First Set!

The initial goal of the site is to get feedback and finalize the first set of HubbleGum Cards.

From the examples I’ve already put up, I think you’ll see that HubbleGum Cards do not have the same sort of format that a sport trading card does. I did try, but I found it was kinda hard to put up bare-bones “science stats” that would be meaningful to most people. I’ve tried for a balance between entertaining and informative.

Also, I’m trying to include interesting side notes and interesting people who may not have achieved their initial fame as scientists (for instance, Dr. Brian May (guitarist for Queen) and Dr. Mayim Bialik (actress on Blossom and The Big Bang Theory). The goal here is to try to remove some of the preconceptions of boring science and scientists and show something more human and interesting in a different perspective.

And After the First Set?

And I have no intention of stopping at just one set! Actually, from a collector’s point of view, that would make the entire set completely irrelevant in no time! And there is certainly way more than enough science going on each year! There would be no problem highlighting new discoveries, inventions, and new and key scientists in the world today. I would also highlight additional historical scientists, inventions and contributions. There’s no way to cover all the history of science in the one set.

In addition I also plan on producing theme sets such as highlighting Women in Science, advances in Robots and AIs, a salute to Medicine or a series on Exploration and Adventure!

Where should I go now?

Please look over the HubbleGum Cards that I’ve created so far, along with the category descriptions. That way I think you’ll see what I’m aiming for.

Don’t forget to check out the FAQs because I’ve already had a lot of questions asked with regards to my long-term goals on this project! There’s a lot more to say there and I have droned on way too much on this page!

You do have to login in order to comment but if you just want to rate a card (or cards) that doesn’t require a login. And you can always reach me by email.

And if you feel strongly enough about the project, I’d love it if you would send your support in getting the project to a final stage via Patreon! Working a full-time job certainly diminishes the time I have to create and enhance HubbleGum Cards. There are certainly expenses along the way, as well. Every little bit helps and is very much appreciated!

So come on internet!

Let me know if HubbleGum Cards is something that the world really needs. Either that or the next time you bring your kids to the museum, you really just want them to bring home a plush poop emoji as their memory of the trip!